Touch Screen Purse Reviews

By DonaldMoon

Touch Screen Purse Reviews: A small handbag with a screen on the back, the Touch Screen Purse Reviews. Place your phone in the purse and place the screen against the plastic. You can use your phone from your purse without having to take it out. This will make your phone safer than if it were in your hand. The phone can still be found in your purse and is easy to use.

  • Total cost breakdown
  • Touch Screen Purse costs $29.99 plus $4.99 shipping for a total cost of $34.98.


Touch Screen in your Purse

This product is a small, transparent purse with a screen on the back. The screen allows you to place your phone in the purse and the screen will be visible on the back. You can then use your phone through this plastic while your purse remains. The screen can be used to do all the things you normally do with your phone: text, browse the Internet and use social media.

Available in 7 colors

There are seven colors to choose from. These colors include black the gatherer, leopard and gold as well as dark grey, silver, wine, and snake.

What makes it Different from Competitors?

There are many purses available that have pockets to hold your phone. These pockets allow you to reach the phone easily. There are also similar purses that have plastic screens to hold your phone. These purses are usually small, like the one shown here. However, others can hold more items. A purse this large with a screen for your phone is very similar in price. Touch Screen Purse has a fair price.

There are many purses that are more fashionable and stylish than this one in terms of fashion and style. The Touch Screen Purse Reviews look very cute. You can find a better purse online for the same price.

It’s Disappointing

As a Christmas present, I received the Touch Screen Purse Reviews. I have only used the purse 4-5 times. The clip that attaches the strap broke. I called customer service to find out that the guarantee is only for 30 days. It just goes to show, that celebrity endorsements really don’t mean anything. Don’t spend your money.