How to deal with damage from “The Gatherer” remains

By DonaldMoon

Fortnite SeasonĀ 

Fortnite players have been keeping an eye on Stark Industries ever since the update. But, there was a hidden addition that everyone missed. Galactus is making his mark on the BR Island with his the gatherer drones that spawn all over the map.

These drones don’t seem to have a corvallis craigslist spawning location. It seems that these drones are based on the same mechanics as the Marauders last season. The reward for defeating these drones is much more worth your time.

While the Gorgers shoot intermittent beams at players, they also spawn Gatherer drones that deal additional damage. The more Gatherers a Gorger drone spawns, the longer it is alive. These drones can also track players if they run away. It’s best to eliminate a Gorger as quickly as possible gaming desk (except if you’re taking on the Gatherer challenge).

You can get some Tier-One loot by eliminating a Gorger. This is the only way to get a Legendary RPG in Fortnite – the most powerful weapon in the game. Drones can drop healing items as well as other Epic and Legendary loot.

The Gatherer weapon can be used

If you act quickly, the Gatherer weapon can be used disk replay. If you act quickly, you can grab a downed Gatherer and use it as a projectile weapon against other players. It doesn’t go in your inventory. You can swap weapons and buildings to get the gun, but you will have to drop it.

SypherPK has released a tutorial video about these drones, and also shows the weapon they drop. The Gatherer “remains”, which are part of a Week 4 challenge, are worth watching.

This challenge is best completed by taking down a Gatherer, and then using the weapon on a Gorger. This weapon is too complicated to be carried around for the match. You can’t swap or build weapons bass flute while you use it. Even more frustrating is the lack of spawning locations for Gatherer fleets.

Although you should be able finish the challenge in a few attempts, it will be the most difficult challenge of this week. You should be able to do some damage, but not get beaten by other players.