How to create a “Science Project Board”

By DonaldMoon

The first step in completing an experiment for a science fair, or science project board for your class, is to actually do it. After you are done with your experiment, it is time to present the results and work that you did. A typical science project board includes several sections and is usually displayed on a tri-fold white board. The placement of sections is critical to the success and longevity of your board.

Deciding what Information to Include

Your project should be called. Your title should be catchy and appropriate. Your experiment should be catchy and interesting enough to attract the attention of judges and other visitors. You are more likely to attract positive butterfly mobile attention the more visible you are.

An excellent title could be “Volcanic Explosions”, as opposed to “Volcanoes”.

Use vivid titles such as “Bioluminescence In Crystal Jellyfish” instead of generic titles like “Glowing Jellies” when you can.

Science Project Board

Include an abstract, or a hypothesis. A Bare Foot Science summary is a brief description of the work you have done. This section introduces the experiment to any interested readers. The hypothesis section describes the purpose of your experiment.

To find out if an abstract or hypothesis section is required, follow the guidelines for the assignment.

The hypothesis should accurately describe the intended outcome of the experiment. A statement like “The vinegar will react with baking soda in a neutralization reaction and evolving gases and building pressure within the volcano replica.” is an example. This pressure will cause fluids to ooze from the top of replica.

Your hypothesis should be supported by literature. You will need to justify your experiment, regardless of whether you have a section for your hypothesis or an abstract. You can justify your experiment by citing literature that has done similar experiments to yours. Post scientific materials relevant to your project in the literature section of your science project board. This section requires that you follow the correct citation protocol.

Refer to previous Experiments that support your Hypothesis

Post your experimental procedure. This section (or experimental) will describe what you did. This section will detail the steps taken and any details like changes in color or bubbling gases. This section is usually the longest.

You can show the materials you have used. You will need some materials for any experiment. This section will allow you to list the resources you have reclining computer chair used and show them. This section is essential to demonstrate that you have a good understanding of the products and the steps involved in the project. It also makes it easier for others to reproduce the experiment.