Bare Foot Science: Fitting Guide and Tips

By DonaldMoon

This guide will show you how to fit and use Bare Foot Science soft tissue during the adjustment phase

Step 1: Bare Foot Science

For information about when to move to the next level, start with Level 1 inserts. For extra sensitive feet, you can leave the insoles on for a few days and then insert Level 1. When the dome contour’s upward pressure is no longer noticeable, it will be easier to use the Level 1 Inserts. Do not try to go higher than Level 1. Place each insert in the cavity underneath each insole. Only one at a a time. You can either use the computer glitch adhesive or leave the adhesive cover on. Either way, the insert Levels will fit perfectly into each cavity. Now you are ready to put the insoles into your shoes.

Step 2: The Bare Foot ScienceĀ 

Place your foot in the shoe and then stand. You can adjust the pressure on your arch by placing the heel of your insole against the shoe’s heel pocket. The 3/4-length insoles do not come with Velcro strips with double-sided tape. However, they can be used over slippery liners to hold them in place. Take off one of the adhesive covers and stick the sticky side to your insole. Then, put the insole back into the shoe.

The insole may be out of place if the dome contour shifts to the side opposite the arch of your foot. To ensure the Barefoot Science insole rests flat on the shoe’s inside, first make sure the heel is pressed against the shoe’s heel pocket apple computer crossword. The insole should be in the correct position so that there is mild pressure under your arch.

The insoles of Bare foot Science are able to fit flat if one pair of shoes is extremely narrow from heel to toe. The insoles should be trimmed to the waist. Draw trim lines. Don’t cut more than you think you will need. To ensure they are flat, place the insoles inside the shoes. An insole can be customized to fit a specific pair of shoes by being trimmed. This is important to know before trimming the waists on 3/4-length insoles.

It is easy to transfer the ready-to-wear 3/4 length between shoes. Rigid footwear can magnify the dome contour sensation, making suburban computer the lower Levels feel higher. You can save your Levels and move the insoles to rigid footwear like work boots or golf shoes.