“Steve Quayle”, Radio Host, Claims Zombies Could Attack

By DonaldMoon

Jim Bakker, televangelist, hosted Steve Quayle, conspiracy theorist and radio host’s warnings about a coming zombie apocalypse Tuesday.

Quayle suggested material from the nasal swabs or “south-end swabs,” used in COVID-19 testing, are covert “genetic catch techniques” that were designed to create a bioweapon capable of turning people into undead. Bakker didn’t seem to doubt the fact that zombies exist in real life when he spoke to Quayle. Bakker described the reanimation process of the dead as “like any other disease.”

Bakker stated that zombies that exist on the Earth are a kind of disease, just like any other disease. They become like zombies.” Bakker spoke in a video that was released by Right Wing Watch, a progressive project of People for The American Way. Is that correct?

Quayle replied, “Forgive me. That’s only half of the story.” “Zombies also have demon possession, an evil spiritual entity. There is no reason to be a zombie. This is the best way to explain zombie bloodlust: The appetite of demons expressed through human beings.

Quayle then made a bizarre claim that wealthy gaming desk celebrities had been drinking the blood of tortured children. This is commonly known as “adrenochrome” by supporters of QAnon. It’s a false conspiracy theory that a former President Steve Quayle, Donald Trump, is secretly fighting a war on a “deep-state” of Satanic Democrats who are involved in child sex trading. Quayle suggested that blood-drinking rituals science project board could result in people becoming zombies.

Quayle stated, “It should shock people that the wealthiest people in the world, and not all of them, but some of them, are into rituals where they have to consume, you know? Blood that’s taken from a tortured child.” That’s a sick thing, but it’s the demons’ appetite expressed through humans. Jim, that is what I’m referring to, is that they can cause zombieism. The appetite for human flesh is at least.

Quayle warned those who doubt the plausibility and legitimacy of his claims about zombies. He suggested that those who doubt his claims should question why the U.S. military and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have documents regarding zombies, “if this is all wild stuff.”


A military training document is available that centers on the Steve Quayle zombie apocalypse. The document refers to the fictional scenarios (which include threats like “chicken zombies” and “vegetarian vampire zombies), as “ridiculous”, but an “effective and useful training tool.” The CDC also has a section called “Zombie Preparedness” on its website. It describes it as a tongue-in cheek campaign to engage new audiences in preparedness messages.

The government documents do not claim or suggest that zombies are real or possible in the future. Quayle maintained that the government was preparing for an attack by real-life walking dead corpses, which he claimed bare foot science can move and act as hosts for demons.