Pastel Blue: Hair Color Ideas For Every Skin Tone

By DonaldMoon

A pastel blue hair is a light, muted shade of blue. Pastels were a big hit last year, with celebrities rocking lilac and eye-candy pink hairstyles. But this season’s focus is on hair!. The trend started with Lady Gaga and Blac Chyna. Kylie Jenner also started it.

Pastel blue strands are as soft as seafoam and suit all skin tones. It is all about your personal style and confidence.

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Although it’s considered a calm shade, getting it done isn’t easy. Pre-lightening is required because it’s an unnatural color. Your wintry locks will look pastel fashion great if you consult a trusted colorist.

Despite all this, the results are definitely worth it! These pastel-blue hair colors are very popular!

Do you dare to rock one of these bold, blue hairstyles? This summer, vibrant blue fantasy hair colors will be the most popular! These chic, classy, and unique blue hairstyles range from baby-blue to fantasy blends with pink, purple, and green pastels. Summer is the best time to style your hair as a disco diva or romantic water-nymph.

Gorgeous green-blue long-wavy hairstyles featuring silver gray and lavender ombre. This amazing look is based on white-blonde, with sea-green and silver tones. Plus, it has a stunning violet ombre! This futuristic style is best for long, layered hair and barrel waves. This is an eye-catching, fantasy-blue hair color that will amaze and delight all who see it. Here’s a sophisticated green-blue/ivory-white blonde pastel pink look teamed with vintage, ‘intellectual-style’ glasses. The long, wavy look combined with pastel-blue and blonde peek-aboo fringe makes it so beautiful and feminine. Look at how the wavy tips accentuate the decolletage

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Aqua-blue ombres bring platinum-blonde hairstyles up-to-date for summer. You can add pastel blue highlights to your hair or ombres with temporary hair dyes so that you are dazzling on the weekends and during summer vacations. This beautiful wavy hairstyle is trendy with straight tips and makes it party-ready. Incredible purple hair color ideas for long hair with a sky-blue ombre and green band

Extra-long hair allows you to really “go to town” with the ombre/dip dye color blending. This is a transformation of dark roots to a deep purple hair color. Then, it moves down to silvery-gray and pastel green, to be finished with a vibrant blue ombre. Imagine how fabulous this hair color looks in a braid, ponytail or updo. Long hairstyles for party/disco: Aqua and Purple Hair Braid Pastel Blue

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This is how you can be noticed at a party, or at a nightclub packed with people in summer 2016. The luscious purple and aqua hair create an unforgettable style with their beautifully flat and broad braiding. This super-trendy look looks great paired with a black outfit. Long, layered hairstyles that blend gold, silver and green with pink are elegant.

This gorgeous mix of trendy hair colors shows how elegant and pastel loving glamorous rainbow/fantasy hair can look. Long layered hairstyles with a golden brown crown make the perfect base for a sophisticated cascade of blonde, silver and green hair colors. Then, add blunt-cut pink tips. This hairstyle is perfect for weddings, proms and other events.