How to throw a Chopped Cooking Party For Kids

By DonaldMoon

You might consider hosting a birthday party that is themed around cooking if your child loves to cook. Consider basing the party on Chopped, the popular cooking competition series, if your child is a fan of Food Network. Mirago Media AB created schatzkarte kinder Grapevine. Our vision: In today’s world that is constantly changing our goal is to design and develop low-cost products that can be enjoyed by everyone during the hours , and also to help with the preparation and planning of birthday parties, celebrations, events celebrations, anniversary celebrations, corporate events and family celebrations by providing tips and techniques.

The Chopped Kitchen

The actual Chopped studio kitchen is equipped with enough ovens, counter space, and appliances to allow for four chefs to cook simultaneously. Your kitchen may not have the same setup, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t throw a Chopped party just like the Food Network. Either adapt the format to your kitchen, or look for a place that offers more cooking space.

Ideas for Venues

Local firehouse: You can rent your local firehouse banquet room. Many have large kitchens that can accommodate multiple cooks.

The park: You can host your Chopped party in a park with several barbecue grills. Make sure you include items that can be cooked on the grill in your list of mystery ingredients.

Your backyard: To keep with the grill idea, get a few portable grills (the ones they sell at the supermarket for camping or tailgating) and have your Chopped grilling party there.

You can chop small appliances: If you have enough counter space, you could do a Chopped version that uses slow cookers and toaster ovens. Ask your friends to lend theirs so you have enough appliances for all of your guests. To save time, slow cooker recipes would need to use pre-cooked ingredients.

The Contestants

It is best to limit your contestants down to four people or four teams, in keeping with Chopped’s format. It is possible to reduce it to three teams or eliminate one course from your competition. It all depends on how much time, space and ingredients you have.

The Judges

Your own Chopped show will require judges and a host, just like the TV version. You can either break up party guests into judges and contestants, or invite a few parents to stay and take on those roles. They will likely have as much fun and enjoyment as the children.

The Cooking Challenge

This is how the competition works: Four chefs begin in the kitchen. Each chef receives a mystery bag containing the same four ingredients. These ingredients can be a little obscure or include a mix of foods one might not normally make. Each contestant has 20 minutes to create an appetizer using all the ingredients. They also have access to basic ingredients. The judges will then review the appetizers and decide who will be “chopped.” Each of the remaining chefs gets a mystery box and has 30 minutes to make an entree. Another player is cut at the end of each round. Each of the remaining cooks gets a mystery basket and an additional 30 minutes. They will need to prepare a dessert recipe. The judges will then determine who is the last chef to be chopped.


You might think that a cooking birthday party will eliminate the need for you to plan a menu. You will need to provide food for your guests because this party is themed on Chopped. Although it might be fun to combine ingredients, it is possible that nobody else will want to try these recipes. Although some of the recipes might be delicious, it’s best to prepare for the unexpected and make a few tea sandwiches or pizzas to feed hungry contestants.


Chopped parties don’t require much decoration. However, it’s a good idea to put up signs that display the logo of the show and give out jackets, aprons, and hats to your guests. Name tags can be given to the judges that include the names of your favorite Chopped judges. Name tags are also a favorite of party chefs. You can give them blank name tags and let them come up with funny names such as Captain Ketchup or Stir-fry Sam.


Your party’s competition theme isn’t just the main event, but also the entertainment. You can also introduce your guests to these entertaining cooking party games if you have more time.

Chopped episodes are another fun way to entertain guests at your party. This can be done before or after the challenge portion of the party so everyone is familiar with the rules.

Party Favors and Prizes

The show’s winning prize is a check worth ten million dollars. The prize at your party is more likely to be a gift or a voucher for less. These are some ideas of party favors and prizes that you could use:

  • A set of cooking utensils
  • Pot holders or oven mitts
  • A chef’s apron
  • A chef’s hat
  • Spices

A mini-mystery box (filled with items they’ll enjoy, such as ice cream toppings, cake mix, frosting, hot cocoa, marshmallows and cake mix)

  • Index cards and recipe box
  • A cookbook (perhaps one written by a Chopped judge).
  • A current issue in a magazine about cooking
  • A beverage mix, such as lemonade and fruit punch, and a travel cup