By DonaldMoon


WHY WE LOVE IT Wrench Science was founded in Berkeley, California as a service and sales shop. However, custom builds were in huge demand. “Giving customers all the options and figuring out how much the bike would weigh and cost, required a lot of time,” Tim Medina (41), founder and CEO of Wrench Science. It seemed inefficient. He’s now almost in Silicon Valley. Medina describes how Medina developed software that could determine which parts work with which frames, and calculate the weight of a finished bicycle. 

THE VIBE Shop’s 12 employees refer to Wrench Science’s warehouse of 4,000 square feet as the “hallowed ground of frames,” according to Medina. The warehouse’s 20-foot high windows let in plenty of light, illuminating rows of high-end frames. Medina says, “It’s almost like candy.” “We deal with the best bikes, and it’s a pleasure to build them custom every day. 

MAKE RIGHT CHOICES Medina states that many people computer science minor incorrectly measure their inseam when ordering custom bikes. This is usually about 2 inches less than the correct measurement. Measure all the way to the pubic bone to get Wrench Science (or any other builder’s) exact fit calculator number.

Wrench Science specializes in high-end custom bikes, bicycle sets and bicycle frames. Wrench Science’s unique custom bike manufacturer will find the exact frame that you are looking for and all of its compatible parts. This allows you to customize the bike according to your needs and budget. You can also provide weight and health records at record prices. A custom bike can be purchased. They will meet your delivery requirements. CORNAGO is not a traditional bike manufacturer. However, they are open to innovation. The COLNAGO C60 flagship bike disc brakes received treatment. This shows that you don’t need to conform to outdated ideas just because professionals hesitate or race disks. Wrench Science staff work tirelessly to make sure you shop happily. There are also exciting discounts. We are delighted to report that 50 Wrench Science coupons were found today, including 0 Coupons as well as 9 Deals. Why wait? Copy the best coupon code to get your order applied at Wrench Science. It’s always a pleasure to shop with huge savings. Give it a shot!