Who Owns Apple Inc. (AAPL)?

By DonaldMoon

It is no secret that Apple Inc. (AAPL ) is a Darling from the tech world, since the company has earned its reputation as both an innovator and a financial powerhouse. More recently, the inventory has made its way on the radar screen of millions of income investors because of its dividend re-initiation.

Belowwe Have a Look through the five largest Direct shareholders of Apple according to the latest SEC filings, profiling all them and emphasizing the entire value of the stake from the Silicon Valley bellwether [see 14 Advisors Getting Loaded Off ]:

The graph above stipulates the possession stakes Of the five largest individual investors, assuming a share price of $108.

Craig Federighi Owns 318,592 Stocks

Craig Federighi is now the senior vice President of Software Engineering at Apple. He’s among those leaders who manages iOS growth and that he played an instrumental role in the launch of Apple’s mobile operating system. Before joining Apple, Craig worked in Ariba, a software and information technology services firm, and he holds a master’s degree in Computer Science in the University of California.

Robert Mansfield Owns 346,801 Stocks

Bob Mansfield is a former senior vice president Of Technologies in Apple. After getting his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Texas, Bob went on to become the vice president of Engineering in Raycer Graphics, that had been acquired by Apple in 1999. He remained with the organization and took the job as senior vice president of Mac Hardware Engineering, in which he played a critical role in the maturation of the iMac and MacBook products.