Reasons iPhones are much better compared to Android phones

By DonaldMoon

Android telephones are pretty good, offering Unlimited customization choices and lots of free programs. But, despite all their advantages, many of us (particularly at the top end) still favor iPhones more than Android smartphones. If you are having difficulty deciding between iPhone and Android, then have a peek at these 9 reasons iPhones trumps Android.

Better layout

With a few exceptions, such as the stunning HTC One And Xiaomi Mi Notice, there are not many great-looking Android mobiles on the market. Many are plasticky.

The iPhone always has had a much better layout Than Android mobiles.

Few Android cameras may compare with iPhone 6 Camera

There are very few Android phones which have Cameras as great as the one about the iPhone 6 (The Samsung Galaxy Notice 4 stands out fairly nicely though). IPhone 6 camera takes excellent photographs, and contains nifty features such as the ability to take time and slow lapse movies.

In Addition, rumour has it that the following iPhone will have a Camera which rivals DSLRs.

No Android phone could accommodate iPhones’ fingerprint sensor

Some Android phone manufacturers like Samsung and HTC Have tried incorporating fingerprint detectors to their own phones, but none of them are equally as accurate and useful as the TouchID detector on the iPhone. A number of decades back, Apple bought a company named Authentec which makes the ideal fingerprint detectors for cellular devices. Nobody else has managed to conquer TouchID since.