Microsoft Technology Centers: Digital Transformation

By DonaldMoon

Retail is moving at a lightning speed. It’s no longer acceptable to have a three year implementation plan for new technologies. The future is now. According to JDA, Incisiv, and Microsoft, retail CXOs are no longer able to handle multi-year transformations. They are not afraid to invest and demand targeted, high-impact strategies that address their top transformation challenges.

  • Balance short-term financial goals with long-term transformation goals (48%)
  • Resistance to change within the organization (41%).

Cloud-based solutions are now the standard for retail business agility. 78% of retailers use cloud technology, and 92% expect to do so by 2020.

We are investing with our partners to help retailers think of new ways to use new technologies to better understand their customers, empower employees, and deliver intelligent supply chains so that they can reimagine their future.

Our Microsoft Technology Centers (MTC) are one example. They help customers find the right solutions that will bring their retail solutions to life. MTCs offer the following:

People: MTC staff are Microsoft solution experts who can guide your team to quickly find solutions for your technology problems

Partners: MTCs have strong alliances with industry leaders who offer comprehensive resources including software and hardware.

Place: The MTC offers rich, interactive and immersive experiences

In partnership with Episerver, we recently launched all lines technology a retail MTC showcase. This demonstration focuses on helping retailers get to know their customers using highly personal experiences with Connected Analytics. Retailers can win sales by reaching out to customers in a highly personalized way. This includes the initial social response from a trusted source and the in-store experience.

I have never seen the incredible opportunities that are being presented at the intersection between technology and retail in my more than 20 years of experience in the retail industry. CXOs want to see transformation efforts that produce results. I understand this. This is where the incredible Microsoft Technology Centers retail partner network comes in. It really accelerates intelligence and brings solutions that help retailers solve their most pressing transformational challenges.