“CW Technology” & Engineering Conference

By DonaldMoon

The CW Technology & Engineering Conference provides a deep dive into wireless technology for engineers.

CWIC 2020: The Edge will be followed by CWTEC 2020. CWTEC 2020 will examine the concept of 5G edge and review the role of edge computing in the overall evolution of 5G architecture.

It is difficult to read about 5G and not mention the “edge” – edge computing cloud, edge services, edge computing… But what exactly is the edge? What is the edge? Why is 5G important?

CW TEC will provide delegates with an overview of the concept of 5G Edge: An exploration of the role of edge computing in the overall evolution of 5G architecture, and exploring the impact that edge has on infrastructure and how it can be used to enable new products and services.

Along with discussions on the location NuSil Technology of the edge, studies of latency within real-world operational mobile network environments will also be covered. This event will give context to ETSI ISG MEC’s work and will explore where multi-access edge computing is going to be in future converged fixed networks.

Annual CW TEC is a forum that fosters knowledge, drives lively debate, and facilitates networking at a senior level. This conference is more technical than the International Conference and focuses on a specific problem area that the CW Technology community considers worthy of discussion. The topics of past events have included quantum computing, the impact on mobile, satellite, TV and IoT, and how this affects wearable and mobile technologies. The CW Technology membership drives the conference agenda and format.

Roberto Kompany, Senior Analyst, Analysys Mason

What is edge computing? What use cases will edge computing benefit? What are the potential and possible threats to mobile operators in the 5G era for mobile operators? Although 5G has been the subject of much discussion in recent years, it is clear that mobile operators can only provide incremental value if they have an integrated 5G and edge computing strategy. Mobile operators will play an important role in the edge space. However, they won’t be the only ones. Edge computing will also be a benefit for all players.

To enable Cw Technology optimal 5G network architecture, mobile network operators must identify their network edges. The location of the edge can differ between operators as well as between services within an operator. This talk will discuss the process of identifying the network edges and some of the key inputs that go into the decision-making process. These inputs include network latency measurements and RAN architecture and its planned development, service platforms and alignment with future products, core network planning, Internet peering, transit locations, and Internet peering.