How to Choose Kitchen Counter Stools

By DonaldMoon

When choosing counter or Wicker Bar Stools, there are many things to take into consideration. It’s a common problem that homeowners have to debate in forums. Professional designers can sometimes make mistakes, as my husband and me discovered at the posh hotel bar. Counters and stools don’t have the same standardization as dining room chairs and tables.

This post will discuss six common mistakes when choosing kitchen counter stools.

  • Too high or too low
  • uncomfortable;
  • Not suitable for children;
  • The counter edge is smashed against the back of the swivel stool;
  • Buy too many, or too few.
  • Stools don’t look good with your room decor.
  • The counter stools are either too high or too low

This is the biggest mistake people make when choosing stools. You may feel like Goldilocks if the stool is too low. You might find that the stool is too high, and you can’t cross your legs underneath the counter.

Why is this happening?

A bar stool that is not matched with a standard counter (36inches) is called a mismatched bar stool

  • A counter stool that is too tall for a bar counter (42 inches) will be mismatched.
  • The stool has a non-standard height.

The counter height is not standard.

It is simple to avoid this mismatch. Measure the counter’s height before you buy a counter stool. The counter’s underside should be 12 inches lower than the seat. This is a good rule of thumb.

Counter stools can be uncomfortable

It would be surprising to learn how many people regret purchasing uncomfortable stools.

Are you imagining yourself sitting at your desk for five minutes to have a quick cup of coffee? Maybe you’ll find yourself perching on your counter while you open mail. Comfort may not be an issue if this is the case.

Perhaps you can picture your children doing their homework on the kitchen island. Perhaps your guests are enjoying cocktails and appetizers as you finish dinner. Comfort is key to ensuring a more comfortable dining experience.

Counter stools can be dangerous for children

You are loading the dishwasher or cutting vegetables. The kitchen island is where your children are working on homework or eating breakfast. The key to a family-friendly kitchen is choosing seating that’s comfortable for children.

Counter edge smashed against the back of a swivel stool

Are there restless people at your counter? We do. You might consider pairing a stone counter with an upholstered swivel stool with a hard back. A hard stool back that rubs against the counter edge can sustain some wear over time. As a result, our stools have seen wear.

Buy too many or too few counter stool

Too many

The number of seats that can fit in a kitchen is often determined by the space available. You will need sufficient space between the stools to be able to stand or sit down. If the stool is swivel, you’ll need more space to allow for knees and support the seat as it rotates sideways. To find out how many counter stools you have, download the No Regrets guide to picking them.

Too many

You can buy more stools if you are unsure about how many to purchase. It’s possible to find the perfect stool, and you might decide to buy three. You could regret buying a fourth stool if you decide to buy another. You might not be able to find the right bar stool or open stock counter you need.

Contra stools are not a good choice for decorating a room.

Counter stools should be a complement to the decor. This section will discuss some design principles that may be helpful.


Is it really important what the counterstools look like? Both yes and no.

If your counter stools are visible along important sightlines, you should aim for visual impact. Instead of focusing on what you see in a room when you sit down or enter it, think about what you see while you walk through it.