Cyber Threat Report: Major Breach for the Travel Industry

By DonaldMoon

Which? Investigators and cybersecurity experts recently discovered hundreds of data security flaws for major travel companies like Marriott, easyJet and British Airways.

Which? evaluated the websites of 98 companies in the travel industry in June 2020. There were 497 vulnerabilities found on Marriott’s websites, with 100 of them being rated as either ‘highly’ or ‘critical.

The full report by Which? is available here

This is an important reminder that every company, regardless of size, is at risk from a cyber-attack. These best practices will help you to be vigilant about your cybersecurity.

  • Continuous Education

Security is the responsibility of every employee. A single click on a link that contains malware or corrupt information could cause a serious cyber-attack.

  • Create a proactive disaster recovery plan

It is vital to make sure your data is always backed-up. However, a disaster recovery plan can help minimize downtime and speed up recovery after a ransomware attack. Keep an eye on your backup system to make sure it is working properly.

  • Think Like A Hacker

Think about your busiest times and vendors you work with frequently. They will use their technical expertise to infiltrate your network.

  • Change All Passwords Regularly

Passwords and usernames are the keys to the kingdom of malicious attackers.