By DonaldMoon

Data science interns are trainees who want to gain practical experience in data science. Data science interns support data scientists in the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data sets for product optimization and improvement. Data science interns assist in the development of custom data models and algorithms that can be applied to data sets. Data science interns need to coordinate with other functional teams in order to develop models and monitor their results.

These are Real Internship Resumes that show Typical Tasks they Might Perform in Their Role

  • Salesforce.com CRM allows you to manage reports and sales leads.
  • Manage design and content creation, as well as user access to SharePoint sites by customers and employees.
  • Create data-driven reports, store procedures, and optimize queries using SQL and PL/SQL knowledge.
  • To refine code and create the outer layer of web pages, I learned the basics of Java and C++.
  • Configure and load xml files for BVT testing.
  • Create a GitHub account.
  • Scala shell is a tool that allows you to create spark scripts according to your needs.
  • Create and A/B-test improvements to iOS business survey questions.
  • Use Linux shells to deploy statistical models to different company data streams.
  • You can create monthly billing reports for clients based on performance using MySQL or NoSQL databases.


Our calculations show that 17% are proficient in R cece loves science, Python, and Analytics. They are also well-known for their soft skills like detail-oriented, analytical skills and communication skills.

Here’s a breakdown of the percentage of Data Science Interns who have these skills on their resumes:

Python: 17%

Multiple Python scripts were created to manipulate and analyze data, as well as calculate energy production and data visualization.

R, 9%

Utilizing R statistical software, we analysed WebBoard internal trends to identify significant trends, social network characteristics and recommendations for structure.

Analytics, 7%

Created presentations and product demonstrations for clients using Oracle’s proprietary big data platform and advanced analytics platform.

Data Analysis, 5%

Data analysis of maintenance records was performed that enabled optimization of the maintenance procedures during reactor shutdown.

Machine Learning Algorithms, 5.5%

To identify anomalies, I used machine learning algorithms.

Big Data, 4%

The whole data team at SPC was able to accelerate the project’s progress and encouraged staff members to work with Big Data technical.

This is an example of a data science internship. It demonstrates why “market research analysts must understand large amounts of data and information.” This resume is one example of how data science interns can use their analytical skills. “Increased work efficiency by writing VBA macros to auto-generate a daily industrial output values statistics excel with the original data”