Cece Loves Science

By DonaldMoon


Cece loves science. In this picture book about STEM, Cece asks a very important question: Can dogs eat vegetables? Cece heads to the lab with Isaac, her best friend.

This picture book is ideal for Ada Twist, Scientist and all those who love asking questions.

Cece’s parents claim that she was born curious. She wonders “Why?” What if? What if? Cece is a scientist and her teacher assigns a science project. Cece knows exactly what she should ask: “Do dogs eat vegetables?” To find the answer, she teams up with Isaac, her best friend and Einstein, her dog. They research, collect data and analyze Einstein’s case as their guide. It is surprising and fun to see their final conclusions.

Vashti Harrison illustrated the book, Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History, which is a New York Times bestseller. It was also a winner of an NAACP Image Award. Cece Loves Science is the perfect book for Rosie Revere and Engineer fans, as well as anyone who loves learning.

Shelli R. Johannes, also known as Sassy Sparklepants population science, is secretly a unicorn. She celebrates with gobs and glitter, uses rainbow sprinkles and creates magical books for children that encourage them to shine. She is the author of Cece Loves Science books. Shelli lives with her husband in Atlanta, Georgia. She has two children. Visit her online at www.srjohannes.com

Kimberly Derting is author of The Pledge series as well as the Body Finder series. She lives in Washington State. KimberlyDerting.com is her website.

VASHTI HARRISON est la créatrice de l’album à succès Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History, classe au palmarès du New York Times. Elle a obtenu son baccalauréat en arts de l’University of Virginia et sa maîtrise en cinéma et vidéo de CalArts.

VASHTI HARRISONis author-illustrator for the New York Times best-selling picture book Little Leaders. Bold Women in Black History. She received her BA in film and video from CalArts. She is passionate about creating beautiful stories in the picture book and film worlds. Vashti resides in Brooklyn, New York.


“Harrison’s bright, clean illustrations give life and character to the story. This charming protagonist deserves a spot on the children’s STEM shelf. This book is a good introduction to data and observation. –Kirkus Reviews

“Cece is smart and curious, and loves to find the answers to all her complicated questions. “Harrison’s digital illustrations are full of color and movement. It is a fun way to introduce scientific methods.” Booklist

“Cece is excited by the assignment from her teacher to investigate a question and pairs up with Isaac to brainstorm ideas. The story also includes images of a welcoming science classroom and mentions many sciences as well as a wide range of scientists, both of different races and genders. … Pictures and words combine to create a smooth mixture of entertainment and education. School Library Journal