What is a “Computer Glitch”?

By DonaldMoon

Here you are, seated in front of your computer and ready to experience the Wonder of the Day. You go to Wonderopolis and open your web browser. Click the link to see today’s Wonder. Blil! buzz! Your browser suddenly freezes and shuts down.

Computer glitches can be temporary. There are many causes for computer glitches. The most common include errors in the operating system, software defects, and problems caused by computer bugs or viruses.

Sometimes, computer glitches are very simple to fix. Many simple computer glitches can be fixed by simply restarting your computer. Restarting your computer clears your memory and shuts down any running programs. It also removes many of the factors that caused the problem.

Try restarting the program that you were using at the time you experienced the glitch. If this doesn’t work, restart your computer. If that fails,suburban computer you might need to get help from someone who is more familiar with computers.

Although most computer glitches are minor and temporary, some can prove costly. Computer glitches can cause disruptions in water filtration systems, emergency dispatch systems, satellites, and spacecraft. A bank experienced a computer glitch in 2015 that caused it to lose more than a million dollars each day while it was unable raise its interest rates on loans. In 2016, 3500 United Airlines flights were delayed or grounded due to a computer problem.

What should you do if you have a computer problem? Do you need to call a computer specialist immediately? Not necessarily! Begin with an adult friend or family member. Sometimes, adults can solve simple problems they haven’t encountered before. There may be a solution if it’s something that they haven’t seen before. You can read How to Fix Most Computer Glitch By Yourself online for useful tips that could help you avoid hiring a technician!
Are you a homeowner with a computer? Are you using one at school? Most people use one computer at school or at home. Many students, however, use several computers during a day. How many times have you had problems with computers that were not working? What are the most common errors? What should you do if they happen? Talk to a friend or family member about computer problems. What stories are they able to share about computer problems they have encountered?
Computer glitches can have severe ramifications. They can, you bet! To learn more about the severe consequences that can befall passengers when airports are affected by a computer glitch, see In Pictures: Flight Chaos after Computer Glitch. What would you do if your flight is delayed?