Create and build a “wooden computer case”

By DonaldMoon

Let me first say a few words about my setup. I use my computer to do everything. It’s connected to an LCD TV so I can watch TV, movies, browse the internet, and email. I also use it to design new things, and even write articles. It is so versatile and important to my work, I think it is worth a little attention every once in awhile. I upgrade my hardware every 2-3 years depending on what my needs are. Over the years I have built many cases to house the hardware, always trying to find a better solution. Although my last wooden computer case was very successful, it was a combination of metal frame with wood exterior. However, it is now failing in a few areas.

A few years back, I built a 6-channel amplifier to drive active three way speakers. After I had finished the project, I was short of a place for it so I built a temporary stand out of scraps from particle board. This was white computer my temporary solution until I had the time to make something better.

It’s still there three years later

The stand in all its glory. The white arrow indicates my computer in its “naked” state. The outer wooden computer case was removed for upgrades and never reinstalled.

After a recent computer upgrade, I began to think about a new computer case. It was the perfect place for my computer. Although it might sound odd, I found myself liking the idea more and more. It would have many benefits, and there is no real downside that I can see.
You could make it to fit standard-sized furnace filters to clean the incoming. My wooden computer case can be taken to my shop to have the dust removed. If all the air entering your computer was filtered, this could be avoided.
There would also be plenty of space for adding components (like hard drives), and it could be organized to make things easier to access and cool. The dual purpose idea of having one thing that can do two things is appealing to me – a computer hidden inside a table.

SketchUp took some time to create the basic shape and then work out the details. This is the front view. The square in the panel’s front is a door that allows you to access the power switch and DVD drive. These items can be hidden so that the unit is clean. I don’t use the DVD drive or switch it off often, so it isn’t an inconvenience.

The panel of the back wooden computer case has both regular computer outputs as well as a 140mm fan. The fan blows, drawing air into the case via the filter that slides in at its bottom.