Top 7 “Science Tattoos”

By DonaldMoon

1. Physics Tattoos

This science tattoo is for men who are looking for abstract Science Tattoos. If you are a fan of the vortex, black hole, and galaxy designs, this design is very common.

2. Biology Tattoo

This biology tattoo is for men who desire a bolder, more vivid tattoo. The process of getting a microscope tattoo takes approximately 4-6 hours. Before you commit to this design, make sure you’re ready.

3. Bright Chemistry Tattoo

This cool tattoo is exactly the same as a photo. This Integrated Science science print is perfect for those who love structure, watercolor, and cool tattoos. It can be decorated with a molecular printing to make it look even more real.

4. Science Tattoo Nerd Tattoos

Scientists with tattoos: Who can deny that this tattoo is beautiful? This science tattoo is perfect for those who love Einstein or giant black tattoos. This tattoo will take approximately 6 hours. You will need to be patient and find a skilled tattoo artist who can create realistic or portrait tattoos.

5. Crazy Scientist Chemistry Tattoos

This tattoo of a crazy scientist is perfect for men who love science and giant designs. This is a great tattoo to have on your sleeves or as a leg tattoo. This is the tattoo for you if you like unique designs!

6. Geology Tattoo

This photo is perfect for geeks who love clean lines and geology. If you love green color and mysterious or precious stones, this green element is your best bet.

7. Molecule tattoos

For men who are interested in biology or physics, this atom tattoo and biochemistry tattoo are appropriate. Both men and women choose serotonin for a distinctive and noticeable tattoo.

Science Tattoos to Nerd-Out on

Since the day we had the idea of creating a list with science-themed topics, it’s been a long process. We were surprised to find that there aren’t many science tattoos on the market so we spent over a year searching and collecting until we found enough quality designs for a list worthy.

The list contains a large number of skeleton formulas. This takes us back to high school chemistry, or molecule structure–whatever you like to call it. Why? These tattoos are by far the most popular science-themed we have seen. The ratio would be around 9 to 1. These molecule tattoos look amazing, but there are plenty of creative science-related tattoos.

If you are a self-described super nerd or a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory, then you have definitely come to the right place.