By DonaldMoon

“We spend way too much time using our phones,” I hear this often lately. I smile every time I hear it, thinking that I love technology and spending my time on my phone.

Do I have to feel I Love Technology Guilty?

I don’t. It is my smartphone that I love. It’s been the best thing that has happened to me over these years.

I am now more organized than ever before. I have never lost a thing or misplaced any document. There is no more feeling overwhelmed and awkward when things are scattered all over the place. There are no more panic attacks or wasted time searching for the right item.

This has not happened overnight, but don’t let me get ahead of myself. You can do it if you want to.

There are many distractions and time wastages that can lead to us forgetting what we should be doing. This is something I used to have a lot of:

I’m looking for a hotel but instead of finding one, I end up reading reviews about the best restaurants in the area, or browsing my page for dresses, and then I buy a ticket to a movie. Sounds familiar? You can take a conscious action or you can just type on your phone.

I decided to block a whole day so that Lighting Science I could only use the apps that worked for me. I’ll list them so that you can also make the most of them.

As with everything else in life, and like any other addiction, it is important to use the phone in moderation.

I have recently added ‘Streaks to help me organize my habits. You can set up any alarm, from water to yoga to pauses throughout the day.

Flip board allows you to see selective news on the topics that interest you

Google Calendar allows you to organize everything, from work meetings to meetings between yourself and me, to annual check-ups, bill payments, etc.

Use ‘Pinterest’ to create boards of inspiration

CamScanner is a great tool to keep track of important documents and receipts. This allowed me to email an individual from my office a proof of her address, which she required on the spot.

  • For expenses, use ‘HomeBudget.
  • For posting my photos live, I used ‘Snapseed’ (Typorama) and ‘iWatermark’.
  • “2Do” is my new daily list and all other lists. (I still love Kikki.K paper notebooks, but I’m a huge fan of technology).
  • To save articles that I want to read later or while offline on the plane, use ‘Pocket.
  • Uber, so I don’t have to worry about cash.
  • You can meditate anywhere, anytime, even while you’re stuck in traffic.

Google Photos for instant backup of my photos – The last time my computer crashed was eye-opening!

I want more time to focus on what is important. I love the idea that I Love Technology can be used in today’s fast-paced world. It makes me feel less stressed and doesn’t automatically answer “I am busy”, but “I am happy”.