Honk Honk! Beep Beep!

By DonaldMoon

Father and child get up early to see the sunrise from the top of the mountain honk honk. They meet many friendly faces along the way, some heading in the same direction and others riding their own vehicles, big rigs, bulldozers, and trains, with their own places and things to do. There are so many vehicles to see along the way, it is hard not to enjoy the beginning of a new day.

Daniel Kirk’s book captures the joy of a special drive with its simple text and brightly colored, toy-like images.

EVO Honk Honk Fun Bicycle Horn for Children and Adults

  • JUST SQUEEZE- The EVO bicycle horns are stand for children and adults. They have a rubber top with a plastic base.
  • BE HEARD! Our adult and children bike horns make a “squeaky clown horn” sound everyone recognizes.
  • HANDLEBAR COMPATIBLE – Works with Dura Ace, Super Record and Red gruppos

PICK YOUR BIKE HORN DESIGN: Cat, Dinosaur or Dolphin, Killer Whales, Panda, Parrots, Penguins, Tyrannosaurus Sumo Wrestlers, Turtles, or Panda

EASY INSTALLATION – The bracket for mounting the handlebars is included and can be installed in a matter of minutes

Yakuza: As a Dragon – All honk location’s guide

This guide will show you where to find all the honk honk NPCs within Yakuza: Like Dragon on PS5 or PS4. These include locations, personality stat boosters and the cost of services.

What is honk honk?

honk honk is a special NPC in Yakuza. They can be paid to increase Ichiban Kasuga’s Personality Stats. They can also restore all of your party’s HP or MP. Honk honk NPCs are randomly found throughout the story and can be found at various locations.

Conditions d’apparence

You will see honk honk randomly as you travel through the three main areas (Ijincho Sotenbori and Kamurocho) in a taxi cab.

You can check three locations in Ijincho by riding in a taxi. This is a good way to locate them. To check if they are not there, you can move on to Kamurocho and Sotenbori to see if one has appeared.

honk honk girl is at Ijincho, South of Survive Bar. You can find her in the alley next to the taxi. There is a high chance that she will appear at noon or at night.

honk honk Lady can be found at Ijincho, North of Wette Kitchen. Walk to the eastern side of the street and get off at Kamiuchi Station. You will see her at the underpass. There is a low chance that she will appear at noon or at night.

honk honk Man

honk honk Man can be found at Ijincho, north of Hidamari Castle and to the northwest of this courtyard.

He is located in the alleyway where you exit the taxi to the Kamiuchi station election administration office. To open the door, you must complete Chapter 11: The Odds. ??? Chance of appearing at noon, and at night.

honk honk Women

Honk honk women are at Sotenbori, East of Shogi. You will see her in the large alley near Shofukocho’s taxi station. There is a high chance that she will appear at noon or at night.


Honk honk Princess can be found at Kamurocho – Alley to the north of the batting center in the hotel district. Take the taxi west from Shichifuku-dori, Kamurocho. There is a low chance that you will see us at noon or at night.