By DonaldMoon

Elevate Science Literacy, Engineering to meet new Standards Easily

HMH Science Dimensions Students are naturally scientists, born with curiosity and a drive to learn. It is the role of educators to channel this natural learning power and help students think like scientists. This role is more important than ever with the new science standards.

HMH Science Dimensions(tm), designed from the ground up for the Next Generation Science Standards*, puts students in control of their learning and allows teachers to seamlessly guide students along this new instructional path. This unique NGSS curriculum leads to greater engagement, deeper understanding, higher student achievement, and better engagement.

A Genuine NGSS K-12 Program Built from Scratch

HMH Science Dimensions has been tested Adaptil Reviews at every stage by science educators and NGSS advisers. It stands out as a program that is designed to help students and teachers approach science learning in a new way.

The Transition to Next-Generation Science is Simplified

Designed to provide a high-impact, inspiring K-12 education experience. It provides a supportive learning path for teachers and creates an engaging learning environment for students. Students learn from teachers who guide them through analysis, explanation, application, and analysis.

Team of Distinguished Authors

HMH Science Dimensions was developed by education experts and science thinkers. It gives teachers the tools to prepare students for the world beyond the classroom.

Student Experience

The NGSS aims to help students master science and prepare them for engineering careers. HMH Science Dimensions’ 3-dimensional learning approach equips students with the skills and mindsets needed to solve everyday STEM problems and apply scientific reasoning.

Teachers Experience

Teachers are helping today’s students become tomorrow’s innovators by preparing them for the new science literacy requirements in the workplace. HMH Science Dimensions’ unique lesson structure and support allows students to learn through self directed exploration, analysis and application. This is just like scientists.

Every step of the journey, Professional Learning guides teachers

Support Embedded

Point-of-use videos featuring dynamic authors provide instructional and lab demonstrations that can be used to guide classroom practices as well as hands-on activities.

Get Started Courses

The start-up training includes an overview of the program’s components, resources and differentiation. It also provides ways to engage students in technology.

Grade-Level Solutions

Designed to support diverse learning styles in today’s elementary, middle and high school classrooms. It integrates well-planned components that meet every need.