How to use Google Drive Desktop Application for Data Backup

By DonaldMoon

Data backup is an essential part of any serious business or work. It allows users to be protected against sudden and unexpected loss of files and documents.

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It doesn’t always have to be about your job. Many of us have photos and videos as well as work documents that contain data from other Google services, such Google Sheets. These data can be used for bankroll management for soccer betting at online bookmakers. Although this loss wouldn’t necessarily be the worst outcome, it can have sentimental or practical value that cannot be recovered.

It is often not considered important to backup data on a computer.

There is a big difference between the Google Drive Web Service & Its Desktop Application

Google Drive can be used both as a web-service and as a desktop program. Many people are familiar with the operation of Google Drive as web service. The files and folders that it stores can be accessed from any device. Log in to Google Account to access Google Drive. You can also change the devices that this is done through. Sometimes, however, the Google Drive web-service can seem a bit too distant from the data on your computer.

If you wish to establish a connection, files and folders must be uploaded to Google Drive in cloud every time. This is how the Google Drive desktop app differs. It allows us to access local documents as well as documents stored in the Drive folder when we open File Explorer on Windows or Finder Mac.

This connection is better than the one between the web server and the documents on the computer. There are occasional delays when the Google Drive desktop app loads documents to the web service. Synchronization may take longer in these cases. Google Drive desktop app is a great tool to create data backups. It’s also a good alternative for OneDrive or Dropbox.

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How to install Google Drive on a Desktop

It is easy to install Google Drive on your desktop. You need to download it at and click on the blue “Download Drive for desktop” button. Google will ask you for your account information during the installation. If you wish to have more user accounts, you can do so by selecting the option. In this case, the user will have more Google Drive storage. After installation is complete Google gives the user the option of choosing between two options.

“Streamed and mirrored files” Mirrored files can be files that are stored both locally and in the cloud. This option is useful if you need to access files offline or when there is no Internet connectivity. Users who prefer a different method of working and want to save space should choose the Streamed Files option.

It does not store files on your computer and will not occupy any disk space. However, it will update automatically if something changes in the files when they are opened locally on your computer (through the app). This will only happen if Google Drive is connected to the Internet. This option allows you to enable offline files for certain files.

Folder Selection Option

Users are given the opportunity to choose a folder that will back up their data after the installation. After you have selected the folder, Google will give you the option to place it on Google Drive or Google Photos. This is a great option for users because they can easily seperate documents from photos.

This option can be found in the Google Drive Preferences window. To access it, select “My Computer” and then click the “Add folder” button. Once you have selected the folders on your computer, choose to backup via Google Drive or Google Photos. Data backup will start automatically after the user has selected them.

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How Much Space is Free?

Google Drive users get 15GB free space, which is plenty for many. Users who have large files can upgrade their storage capacity by purchasing a Google One subscription. This provides extra cloud space that can be shared between Google Photos and Google Drive.

Google Photos had unlimited storage options up to June 1, 2022. However, Google later extended that limit to 15GB to a common value that links the storage space of Google Photos and Google Drive.

The current pricing of additional cloud services by Google is:

  • 100 GB for only $ 1.99
  • 200GB for only $ 2.99
  • 2TB for $9.99
  • 5 TB for only $ 24.99
  • 10TB for $ 49.99
  • 20 TB at $ 99.99
  • 30 TB at $ 149.99

Only One Small Breakdown is Enough

Google Drive makes data backup easy. After downloading Google Drive for Desktop, users can select the backup folder to be saved to the computer and then choose from Google Drive or Google Photos as web storage options.

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Although we believe that our computer is immune to any kind of disaster, one mishap can cause all our data to disappear. Backup is an option that not only saves data but allows you to access it from any device.