Why Major in “General Science”?

By DonaldMoon

Multiple Sciences that are Related to the Environment

Megan Gardner, 20 was browsing the Grinnell website looking at the concentrations and majors available when she came across the general science major. She says, “I want to pursue environmental science after I graduate. This major seemed like an excellent way to get a broad education in multiple sciences that are related to the environment.”

Gardner took full advantage of College’s global resources and opportunities to gain experience in the field to build her knowledge. Conard Environmental Research Area, which is the College’s living environment and laboratory, has been used for environmental fieldwork. Her interests will take her further afield this fall as she travels to Iceland, Greenland and Greenland to research climate change in the Artic. After Grinnell, Gardner plans to become a National Park Service park ranger.

Flexibility to Explore Your Interests

Hunter Antonisse ’19 knew from the moment he arrived at Grinnell that he wanted a double-major in science and history. Although he initially wanted to study biochemistry, he quickly realized that general science with an emphasis in chemistry was better for him. He says that the general science microsoft technology centers  curriculum gives him more freedom to choose classes. This allows him to explore environmental science internships his interests while still retaining a chemistry focus.

Antonisse is looking into a variety of career options, including public health, law school, and education that combine the knowledge he gained in his two majors. Students who are looking for a more structured degree in science or want to pursue a second major other than science should consider the general science major.

Is science lab your second home?

The sciences are a great way to stimulate your intellectual curiosity, whether you’re looking at stars through a telescope or studying cells through a microscope. You’ll be a general science major and will study at least three of the following fields: biology, chemistry and computer science. Plus, you will do advanced work in one. This will give you the confidence to explore knowledge and ideas from different disciplines. It will also set you up for professional success. You will be prepared to study graduate studies in interdisciplinarity fields like biophysics and psychobiology, as well as for teaching, legal science, or engineering.

General Science is a broad undergraduate science education that allows you to concentrate in one or more of the following subjects: Chemistry, Earth & Environmental Sciences and Life Science. If you are interested in continuing your studies in business administration, medicine or law, and not in pursuing graduate study in science, this program is for you.