Comparison of Fivetran vs Talend: ETL tool

By DonaldMoon

It is more difficult to consolidate the data and extract meaningful insights from it the more data you have for your business. ETL software automates the process of data collection for your company and makes data-driven decisions easy. We are going to compare the ETL software options offered by Fivetran and Talend today, in order to help you choose the best one for your company.

What is Talend?

Talend is a cloud-based suite of data apps that are designed for ETL. Open source makes it easy to start with the basics and build your data connectors to suit your needs. Several paid plans provide even more capabilities.

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What is Fivetran?

Fivetran, a SaaS data service, makes it easy to connect all your apps and data using automated pipelines. Fivetran isn’t open-source, so although it comes with a lot of data connectors, you won’t be able to create your own.

Platform with no code

Fivetran was designed to be easy to use and can get you up to speed in a matter of days or hours. It doesn’t require any coding knowledge, but it allows you to create custom queries using SQL if that is your skill set. Fivetran doesn’t require a dedicated data engineer, which makes it an attractive option for those teams who don’t have the resources to hire one. Talend can be used with its Pipeline Designer or Talend Studio products. The platform doesn’t require any data engineers.

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Data extraction and sources

Fivetran provides more than 100 data connectors as a standard, with the service regularly adding more. Fivetran’s connectors are available for almost all major data sources including Salesforce, Oracle, Zoho and SAP. Fivetran is a good choice if you are only looking to connect to existing data sources.

Fivetran technically offers the possibility to create a “function connector” but the software’s focus is on selecting existing connectors. Some users have reported that they are often surprised at how many times they cannot connect to the data they require.

Talend is the better choice if you are looking for data from unusual sources. The software is open-source, which means that there are over 1,000 connectors, some of which have been created by Talend or other users. More are being added every day, so you have more options than Fivetran.

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Data visualization and analysis

There are many business intelligence software solutions that can help you analyze and visualize your platform. However, not all companies want to use them all. Fivetran provides basic data visualization capabilities that allow you to quickly extract insights from your data.

Talend Open Data Studio is also available to this functionality. This separate download can be found here. Although the charts and graphical conversation tools may not be very attractive, they do the job, especially for internal analysis. You will need to consider a different solution such as Microsoft Power BI if you are looking for a powerful BI platform.

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Fivetran vs. Talend: Which one should you choose?

While both Talend and Fivetran offer solid ETL offerings, they are designed for different users. Fivetran is more suitable for non-programmers and beginners who need to quickly connect to common data sources without any coding knowledge. Talend is for advanced users who are looking for more data connections.