The Windows 10 Lock Screen “Computer Timing” is best left untouched

By DonaldMoon

Your screen will be turned off after one minute. You can change the Lock Screen computer timing timeout settings to allow you to view your screen for longer or to keep Cortana available on your screen. To add the Lock Screen timeout option to Windows 10’s power options, there are some steps you should take in your Windows Registry.

The Windows Registry, also known as the Registry, is a collection or databases that contain all of the Windows configuration settings. The Registry stores information about software programs, hardware devices and user preferences. It also contains configurations and other important Windows processes.

The Registry is the heart of your computer. If you alter it in an improper way and don’t know what to do, your Windows PC may become unusable.

To add the timeout option to your Windows 10 computer timing power options, first you will need to access your Registry. This can be done manually or with a one-click hack.
Once you have added this setting to your Registry, the Power Options applet within the Control Panel will allow you to adjust the timeout.

Manual Editing of the Windows Registry

You will need to change reclining computer chair one setting in Windows Registry to add the timeout option to your power options. Regedit (or Registry Editor) is a powerful tool which can alter the performance of your Windows computer timing device. It can also cause your device to become unstable or inoperable. This Registry hack is easy and can be achieved if you follow the instructions.

Microsoft offers a detailed walkthrough of the Windows Registry. Microsoft provides a comprehensive overview that will give you background information and additional information about the Registry. This is a great resource for anyone who has never used the Registry. Before making any Registry changes, it is important to backup your computer timing and the Registry.

In Power Options, change the Windows 10 Lock Screen Timeout
Once you have enabled the registry timeout setting, it is time to access Power Options in Control Panel to modify your Windows 10 Lock Screen timeout settings. This is a step-by–step guide to changing your Power Options.