New Relic Application performance monitoring tools

By DonaldMoon

Both Dynatrace or New Relic can monitor application performance. Which one is best for you?

Monitoring the application performance is critical for seamlessly delivering services end users. Inefficient resource management and small bottlenecks can quickly become a major problem, slowing down delivery times and frustrating end users. It is crucial to be able to access immediate and useful data in order to resolve these problems.

There are many robust APM tools available, including Dynatrace, New Relic, and other popular ones. Let’s take a look at them all and see their strengths and flaws.

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What is Dynatrace?

Dynatrace integrates APM solutions with deep AI capabilities, security focus and is fully integrated. Dynatrace is an agent-based solution. It collects extensive data that they then feed into Davis, their AI engine. This allows them to perform root cause analysis and other actions to assist teams in quickly diagnosing and solving problems.

Dynatrace can be used with most cloud services, including AWS Azure, Google Cloud, and Google Cloud. Dynatrace can also be used as a cloud-based, hybrid or on-premise service depending on your infrastructure.

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What is a New Relic?

New Relic, an APM solution for businesses that uses correlation data and user-set thresholds to identify and fix faults and issues, is superior to Dynatrace’s AI-based approach.

New Relic offers its service only as a SaaS option. No on-premise capabilities are offered. New Relic offers a wide range of plug-ins which is one of their greatest strengths. They also have a strong user community and knowledge base. The dashboard is very user-friendly and requires little customization once installed to display important data in easy to understand graphs.

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Comparison of Dynatrace and New Relic: Head-to-head

Both options offer the same core functions but offer different user experiences and strengths. Below are some core features.


Both options offer robust dashboards that allow users to quickly find critical data and spot problems. New Relic focuses on displaying graphs that can be read quickly and provide instant feedback, without the need for drilling down or menu diving.

Dynatrace provides a dashboard built using selected widgets or modules. This allows for greater customization and flexibility, but it requires setup and knowledge about what you are looking for. Many users love the New Relic dashboard because it is easy to use right away. Although Dynatrace is not easy to set up, once it is, you can get more data tailored to your needs.


Dynatrace is easy to install and provides an automated discovery tool. This tool instantly discovers your entire technology stack and generates a topology map that shows the entire network. Dynatrace’s key feature is its ease-of-use.

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Although New Relic is still very easy to install, it does not provide an automatic discovery or installation option. This means that there will be some additional setup. Although this initial setup can be more complicated than usual, most people should be able handle it if they are familiar with the environment New Relic will be installed in.