Account Control Technology

By DonaldMoon

Have you received calls from Account Control Technology? They are likely trying to collect a debt you have not paid.

If you don’t pay a bill on time, it won’t disappear. If the original lender or creditor is unable to get you to pay, they will send the bill to collections.

  • They will then hire a debt collector who will harass you into paying your debt.
  • Although they are annoying collectors, their letters and calls are not the most frustrating.
  • They will create a collection account on credit reports in order to collect debts.
  • This will inform future lenders about your history of not paying your bills.

Your credit score will plummet and you’ll have trouble qualifying for loans or credit cards in the future.

Account Control Technology can be found on your credit report. It is best to remove it as soon as possible.

What is Account Control Technology?

Account Control Technology was founded in California in 1993. It is a medium-sized debt collection firm that is located in Woodland Hills, CA DDI technology.

They are also known as ACT and have five offices in the 50 states. In total, there are over 800 employees.

They are government contractors who collect for many government agencies such as the US Department of Education.

They also collect debts for a variety of commercial businesses

  • This includes
  • Banking
  • credit unions
  • Lenders of mortgages
  • auto lenders
  • How to deal with account control technology
  • Are you looking for ways to handle on credit reports?

Send a Letter of Validation for Debt

The debt collection process can be imperfect, despite what collectors may tell you. Account Control Technology may have the wrong information regarding your debt.

It’s possible, in fact, that the debt may not even be yours.

You should ask for debt validation within 30 days of your first contact to prevent you from having to pay someone else’s credit card debt.

Even if the debt is yours, it’s stillĀ  important to ask for validation.

This is because they can deny the debt if you have incorrect information. This is how many people can get their debts removed from their records without having to pay a dime.

You can send a letter askingĀ  to verify information regarding your debt such as the date and balance.