Climate change communication via “4chan pol”

By DonaldMoon

4chan Pol is an imageboard

4chan pol is an imageboard site that relies on anonymity and a widespread culture. 4chan pol has been criticized for hosting anti-semitism, white supremacy, and alt-right extremism in the past. This is especially true within the controversial board/pol/ which hosts political discussions and attracts millions of users worldwide. This paper examines the evolution of climate change online discourse over five years, from 2015 to 2019. It is based on automated content analysis and probabilistic topic modeling.

This study analyzes 216,525 posts on /4chan pol/. It shows that discussions about climate change are largely based on scientific content, despite the fact that /pol/ is known for being dominated by hate speech. This is changing, however, as conversations on race and nationalism seem to be steadily outpacing scientific narratives. The paper also shows that climate nationalism, which is a type of nationalism, is growing on this platform. This study also shows that the importance of the scientific consensus on climate change is declining, which was once a key component of climate change discussions.

4chan pol is a Fascinating

 But not well-explored phenomenon on the internet Harrisburg Craigslist. It has been a controversial online community, particularly its subboard /pol/, which is known for being extremist and belligerent over the years. It has built a large user base dominated by males, who almost anonymously discuss politics through thousands of posts each day. One dominant discourse has emerged about women and their role in politics. It is characterized by a presumption of an all-encompassing, crippling inferiority. This paper aims to clarify this discourse through discourse analysis of a database of posts by Serbian /pol/ users. Three closely related sections describe the analysis.

There are a few posts about far-right self-improvement among the many discussion threads on racism, conspiracies and fascist dogma. These posts combine the language of fitness and self-help with conspiracies and far-right propaganda. They are intended to transform the movement from a group of’shitposters’ 4chan pol online into survivalists or soldiers. This article discusses the unique self-improvement advice, known online as the “iron pill”, and examines the role self-improvement has in radicalization grab a gun among the far right online. This article examines the role of this in the history of fascism. It focuses in particular on the idea of the “New Man” in Italian fascism. It also discusses how self-improvement is motivated by a political narrative that combines conspiracy and resistance to imagined dictatorship.